Restaurant/Chef Profiling

Amy provided Aqua Luna Restaurant in Circular Quay with personalised media publicity support via newspaper and magazine press for over 2 years. In addition web, radio and TV opportunities were explored for maximum coverage. Approach resulted in over 35 media articles nationally. Amy worked closely with head-chef Darren Simpson, known for his appearances on Channel 7 ‘Sunrise’ and Restaurant Rules TV show to secure profiling opportunities involving interviews and chefs ‘tips’ columns for newspapers. A special dining incentive card was established at Aqua Luna to help build local guests and reward diners for their patronage. Amy also secured a beneficial contra deal with a publishing house, which involved extensive advertising support for Aqua Luna in magazines including Vive, Air New Zealand and BMW magazine.

Today Amy works  with key celebrity chefs including Karen Martini, Tom Kime, Peter Kuruvita for workshops at Pinetrees Lodge, Lord Howe Island.