Arts & Science

Amy worked with the Garvan Medical Institute on the Science as Art initiative, which culminated at the Art Gallery of New South Wales for an auction of artworks created by 5 Australian artists including Janet Laurence, Guan Wei, Lindy Lee, Julie Rrap and Robyn Backen and inspired by Garvan scientists.  Australian art curator Paul Sumner and various Sydney art luminaries from the Sherman and Roslyn Oxley9 art galleries were approached to judge the competition. The chosen artists were introduced to Garvan and randomly paired with one of the Garvan winners. They were given complete artistic license to produce their personal response to these sources of inspiration. Over 250 people attended the auction, with major media coverage secured in the The Australian and other arts inspired media sources. The auction was preceded by a panel discussion moderated by well-known arts reviewer, Andrea Stretton and included ex-ABC arts journalist, Peter Ross. Panelists discussed the misty zone where science becomes an art and intuition guides research.