Cue-7 helps prepare kids for high-school

Why preparing your kids early for High School will give them the best start to their education

As a teacher and a mum, I was keen to prepare my kids early for the start of high school. Firstly I am going to talk about my background in education and how this has influenced the creation of Cue-7 Workshops. Secondly, I will share how I am planning to help my son start high school with confidence in 2021. 

The school transition 

I have worked in tertiary education for over 15 years now (yikes!). I meet with new school leavers every year and watch their enthusiasm, passion and preparation either flourish or waver. This is usually in response to a new environment, new assessment schedule, new people, new technology and more. In the same way, the transition of year six students into high school can be a challenge for them.

These are two important transitions for our students, high school to university AND year six to high school. As a former high school teacher, I was very passionate about providing a positive first year experience for students in year seven. However as I became a mum myself and moved into tertiary teaching, I focused on preparing students for the workforce. 

More recently as my kids have started to move into high school the importance of preparing them early and giving them the best start to their education is a top priority. This has now moved me to create Cue-7 workshops to help prepare all year six students to start high school with confidence. Providing students with a platform to think about and plan their start to high school will give them a confident boost.

Some of the key reasons I want to help prepare my kids for high school include; 

  1. Introduce them early to homework and assessment planning. This skill will set routine, behaviour and a pattern for keeping on top of work so they don’t fall behind.
  2. Having a consistent approach to doing homework can help with procrastination, feeling overwhelmed and bored. 
  3. Having a (homework, social media, goal-setting) plan will boost their confidence and sense of personal accomplishment. Accordingly, I want my kids to feel good about their accomplishments, big or small. Just starting on a task can kick start this.
  4. Tasks in the workshop such as identifying your strengths and knowing your values will help boost confidence and help negotiate friendships. In this way, I want my kids to feel their best when dealing with other kids at school. 
  5. Have a realistic perspective around friendships in high school. This is tricky for kids and adults alike. All relationships change. Knowing what to expect and what to look out in a friend can help kids negotiate and traverse the tricky nature of high school friendships. 
  6. How goal setting, big or small can make a difference in how you progress in high school. Knowing how to set goals and how to celebrate one’s day can contribute to feelings of positivity. 
  7. Lastly, how to enjoy your time off school! This is about knowing what kids like to do and how to relax to support all the hard work a student does at school. As part of work you need playtime! 

The Department of Education also have a great resource of tips and information to help start high school. This video was filmed and produced by my cousin atGood Chat TV and features my twin second cousins! I love how it highlights what kids may be experiencing and how a few gestures can make their day easier. 

The Cue-7 Workshops to do at home

To find out more about the Cue-7 Workshops and the tasks students can compete at home, visit us here. Each student is guided by myself in each video. Student receive a PDF booklet to track their tasks. Students also hear from other high school students for great tips and advice for starting high with confidence. Visit our three packages to see which one may suit your child.

Good luck in preparing your child for high school! 

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash