How a business ‘pivot’ is taking shape for the better

With a business ‘pivot’ on my hands, my new business proposition,  The School Business Register, is taking shape this month and I am getting excited…again.

This is my third baby (after delivering two kids into this world). I can call it that,  as this business is the one that gets me fired up every day and has me thinking about until I fall asleep at night. I also tend get over-protective about it and frustrated with it too.  However similar to parenting I feel I am in a position of getting the business ready for the wider world and one-day I  hope it can function just fine without me.

To get me through this start-up toddler time, I find myself immersed in an inspiring environment of entrepreneurs at the Fishburners community to help drive my ideas even further. I have insightful chats with current and new people who seem to come through those doors everyday with a new business idea. It’s keeping me on track.

I also have a concept, business idea and challenge that I can’t seem to let go of. I truly believe it has the legs to be a great success, especially for the markets it is being developed for – schools, parents and local business.  I knew after working on for 18 months, that I really hadn’t the right business model. However,  the feedback was positive , hundreds of members joined and continued to grow, along with over 26 schools that connected. I had people really appreciating the concept and what it was trying to achieve, however it had no where else to go. Back to the drawing board and simplifying what I wanted to offer and achieve, had me start building my online model again and its finally taking shape.

The 5 things I have learned from the last 18months to 2 years;

– That I have the drive, skill and determination to get something new off the ground. That’s a great feeling of satisfaction in itself.

– I can do things differently. Finding balance and doing it in a way that won’t run me into the ground is my goal. Everyone is busy. I don’t want ‘busyness’ to be all consuming and there is more to enjoy from life as well. Slow down and enjoy is a manta that I am still aiming to integrate more fully into my day to day.

– I can do this my way, but with the help and advice of others who have done it their way too. It’s not just mine or about me. It’s about providing something useful which can benefit others in the long-term.

– Fear is one of the big factors in slowing a person down. That feeling of ‘hesistancy’ can be a constant companion if you don’t just get over it. What’s the worst thing that can happen if it doesn’t work? hmm?

– Keep talking and inspiring others. I have a tendency to talk, maybe that’s why I am in Public Relations? I have a tendency to answer every call, email and text promptly. I am not one of those people that waits hours to reply. I see it as an extension of energy. Reciprocation is crucial to maintain and build the relationships we have. If you don’t communicate and share your vision, passion and belief, how else will people know about you and your business.

With an online model close to launch; ongoing discussions with national business partners for sponsorship; schools ready to embrace the register for their fundraising and parents and local business ready to sign-up – I believe it is a goer. 🙂