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Cue-7 Workshops is a practical online workshop designed to support current year 6 students who are about to start High School in 2021 and beyond. Cue-7 has two packages available: A Gold Package to do at home by each student, plus a Premium Package, which includes a tailored, one-on-one, 75 minute Zoom workshop with Amy Miller and the student.

As part of each workshop, a video panel of current year 7 and year 8 students share their experiences and learnings about high school. Students have been sourced from a range of schools to talk about their high school experiences and challenges about starting high school. These students also share their tips and advice for new students to help them on the school journey, including;

✱ How they manage their school week including activities and homework?

✱  What challenges have they faced with friends? And what did they do?

✱ What are their social media use rules?

✱ What they have learnt about the do’s and don’ts of social media?

✱ How they look after their own happiness and health when they are stressed by homework?